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Chidi's Adventures: The Antelope
An unusual book, with a very authentic background which vividly brings alive life in a traditional African village, and contrasts it with the fast-moving world.of a modern town. Chidi is caught between the two and the book focuses on his dilemma. His decision is to have huge consequences and the tension of the story develops strongly through this atmospheric and moving story. A modern day story with traditional values.

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Chidi’s Adventures:  The Antelope

Hi, Mrs Ritucci!! The story book of Chidi and the Antelope is very nice..It’s important to help children through stories that can allow young readers both to understand themselves, and to be empathic.. I’m a teacher in a Primary school in Foggia (Italy) and I think i will tell this story in Italian to my pupils by the end of this school year. Bye for now. Aida

Review on: St. Gildas School
Chidi’s Adventures: The Antelope

Michaela made us laugh a lot and we had great fun acting out parts of the story. For example, we pretended
we were in a storm and Michaela used dance, music and props to make the story come alive. My class and I
would really like to go back next time. Michaela has given our teacher a copy of her book for us to read.
I will be first in line to borrow it.
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Chidi’s Adventures: The Antelope

It was quite an experience! All sessions were brilliant and there were many happy children and teachers…
I loved……the singing, drumming and story acting by Michaela Ritucci. I thought she was brilliant, actually!
Review on: St. Gildas School
Chidi’s Adventures: The Antelope

The story teller was the children’s author Michaela Ritucci, who told the story of her latest book…
She used drama, music, dance and props to enthuse and engage the children, who were very keen
To participate.